Info kiosks are multimedia devices with a wide range of interaction possibilities – from web browsing to advanced applications such as ticket payments. Depending on the requirements, the kiosks can be equipped with touch screens, cameras, speakers, microphones or different types of card slots: for banking services, public transport, etc. Installation of a printer gives the possibility of tickets, maps or information leaflets printing.

The info kiosks are installed mostly in crowded locations such as city centers, pedestrian areas, public transportation stations, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, city government offices, cinemas, banks, shopping malls, airports, etc. The info kiosk can be a part of street furniture.


Main advantages:

  • meets the expectations of the most demanding customers
  • unlimited number of interaction possibilities
  • effective in eye and attention catching
  • possibility of touch screen, card slots, wi-fi and other device connection
Design, dimensions and files to download

Screen size: customized    External size: customized


Construction of steel, galvanised and powder painted in RAL colours. The cover is made of Dibond.  The upper cover is made of UV resistant plastic. The equipment includes a touch screen, stainless steel, a durable keyboard, computer, and software according to individual need. Additionally, the info kiosk can be equipped with advertising panels such as city lights. As a customized product, the info kiosk can be designed in different ways of according to the specification and material types.



Backlit illumination of the advertising panels to ensure good display visibility. Depending on the requirements, there are two possible solutions:  fluorescent tubes or LED lighting.  There is an option of fluorescent tubes with enhanced lighting performance in low temperature.  A light diffuser is used for an equal illumination of the poster and to eliminate the lighting points visibility.



According to the citylights specification.



Possible direct or wireless connection via Wi-Fi, UMTS or GPRS.