We offer

professional services


We offer a number of services coming with our products, we provide Customers with a comprehensive and professional service at one place and, as a result, peace and saving time.


Comprehensive character of services

We offer comprehensive  services in the scope of metalworking, i.e. welding, milling, cutting, bending, drilling, and threading. The scope of our services also includes the delivery of a material, painting, and also galvanisation. We have insight into the processed metal from delivery till leaving a warehouse in the form of a finished product. We conduct  in-house quality control. We operate in the area of a rapidly-changing market, and numerous industries setting different requirements, i.e. in the automotive, hydro-pneumatic, energetics, maintenance, water and air industry, furniture, or medical industry.

Diversity of processed materials

We possess a cutting-edge machine park that allows us to process aluminium, steel, stainless steels, and plastics, i.e. plexi, alucobond, and dibond, quickly and precisely.


Thanks to our qualified staff, we support  Customer at each stage of production. We provide the additional services of various types. Our design and technological department is a team of experienced specialists, and we design with the use of AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

We have acquired the knowledge and experience to provide those services having been a  manufacturer of advertising media and urban furniture for over 10 years.



Our machine park

Laser cutter with loading tower
AMADA Ensis 3015 AJ

The optimal tool to cut construction steel as well as coloured materials such as copper, brass, or titanium.

Work area: 

  • work area of 1,500x3,000,
  • rule of operation of the laser – mobile optical system,
  • ENSIS 2000 resonator.       


  • user gains from long production gaps that do not require involving the operator,
  • laser beam is modulated depending on the thickness of the material,
  • jets are replaced automatically,
  • non-interrupted production is possible,
  • flexibility of switching the machine between the thin and thick sheets, combined with the completely automatic loading and unloading tower.
 AMADA Ensis 3015 AJ

5-axis profile processing centre


An economic and efficient processing aluminium profiles and thin-walled steel profiles.

Work area: 

  • maximum length of profiles that can be butt-processed: 7,200 mm
  • maximum length of profiles that can be processed without the frontal surface processing: 7,520 mm                               


  • all production runs such as milling, drilling, thread notching, threading, undercutting, and cutting at still profile, in order to protect its surface,
  • processing from 5 sides,
  • two separate processing zones allow for processing in the swinging mode.

 SBZ 150 eluCam

3-axis profile processing centre
ELUMATEC SBZ 122/33 eluCam

Economic and effective processing aluminium, plastic, and steel profiles.

Work area: 

  • maximum length of profiles that can be processed without the frontal surface processing: 4,150 mm,
  • maximum length of profiles that can be butt-processed: 4,000 mm,
  • range of movement in the X axis 4,295 mm, Vmax 120 m/min,
  • range of movement in the Y axis 910 mm, Vmax 60 m/min,
  • range of movement in the Z axis 475 mm, Vmax 60 m/min                  


  • all production runs  such as milling and drilling  are conducted on a still profile in order to protect its surface,
  • intelligent control technique,
  • cutting edge 3-axis control,
  • no necessity to make the referential movement of axis thanks to the application of systems based on absolute encoders.

 CNC 3 osiowe ELUMATEC SBZ 122 33

CNC milling cutter
AXYZ 6010

Processing  a broad selection of materials  such as plastics, wood, or metal.

Work area: 

  • width 2,159 mm,
  • length from 3,048 mm to 15 m                       


  • universal tool for processing  a broad range of materials for the advertising, furniture, and many other industries,
  • suitable both for small-lot production and serial production and high-efficiency applications.

 frezarka CNC AXYZ 6010

Two-head saw

Optimal two-head saw for serial production and special constructions.

Work area: 

  • cutting length: 6,000 mm,
  • the smallest cutting length at 90 degrees 350 mm,
  • the smallest cutting length at 45 degrees of inclination 350 mm,
  • scope of inside rotation 90 degrees 45 degrees (manually, up to 22.5 degree with a digital display),
  • the inside inclination scope, pneumatic 90 degrees 45 degrees.

  • cutting  high and wide profiles,
  • cuttings that require an inclination in two planes,
  • ability to cut to the external dimension in all variants.
 piła dwugłowicowa ELUMATEC DG104

Edge press

Universal and highly efficient machine used for bending a broad range of sheets.

Working area:

  • bending length 3,000 mm,
  • pressure force: 800-2,900 kN.                          


  • high bending accuracy,
  • table deflection compensation (alleviates the deformations occurring in the edge press under  high loads),
  • dynamic measurement of the bending angle.

Guillotine shears

Flexible and highly efficient centre for cutting metal sheets.

Work area: 

  • sheet thickness range of maximum 13 mm
  • cutting length 3,000 mm,
  • reach in the side walls: 155-305 mm,
  • range of the rear bumper setting: 1,000-1,500 mm.

  • rocker guiding of the upper knife, along with the solid structure of frame, ensures a significantly more smooth progress of the whole cutting process, substantially reducing the vulnerability of thin sheets to coiling when cutting narrow strips,
  • ATM system, i.e. the automatic thickness measurement of the cut material,
  • automatic setting of the gap between the cutting knives –  always perfectly fitting the actual thickness of the cut material.




 nożyce gilotynowe G-CUT 3013