Outdoor advertising systems producer
Digital Signage.


Adboard is a producer of complex outdoor advertising systems. In the beginning we operated as a business entity associated with Adboard International in the Netherlands.

Since 2007 together with Adboard International we successfully finalized many projects all over the world. Right now we are a completely independent Polish producer of visual identification systems, bus shelters as well as non-standard solutions created in order to meet our customers’ requirements. We are ready to take on any challenge.

We have been on the market since 1980. Passion, knowledge, and many years of practice on the OOH advertisement market are the main reasons why we consider ourselves to be a both top quality and an innovative producer.

Our main goal is to present our solutions to our customers and watch how they are successfully implemented all over the world. As a result of our practice and numerous research and development projects, we managed to create many advertising products ranging from simple illuminated advertising or coffers to technically advanced solutions like scroll or Digital Signage Solutions.


We are perceived as a passionate and truly involved business partner. Our customers appreciate the advantages of our attitude.

  • We approach each customer individually and in result we deliver products tailor-made to meet their requirements.
  • Our innovative and customer oriented approach make any challenging project possible to realize.
  • The relations with our customers are characterized by partnership, we strongly believe that it is the customer who knows their needs the best. Our role is to transfer these needs into spectacular projects.
  • We provide our business partners with full service including shipment, installation, repair and maintenance. 
  • We are focused on innovation, so our offer is always attractive. Our team keeps searching for new effective production and material solutions.
  • Our continuous investments in the machinery park contribute to the top quality of products that we are able to deliver.




Chairman of the Board of Directors (CEO)

One of the co-founders of the company. Hubert Szulc graduated with a Masters in Management and Marketing at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management at the Poznan University of Technology. He developed and practiced his skills holding for many years the management positions at AMS - one of the OOH leaders in Poland and a member of the AGORA Group. With the right combination of technical and organizational experience, expertise and creativity, he created a company that stands out from the market by high technical competence. Hubert is very good at identifying current trends, which are later on transformed into the company’s vison and tangible effects.



Sales Director, member of the Board of Directors

Lidia graduated from Poznań University of Economics. Then she broadened her knowledge of international trade during the postgraduate studies. Lidia has both analytical mind and passion for sales. These features contribute to her success on the local and foreign market. Being able to feel the customers’ needs, she’s an expert in putting them into practice. It all results in building a long-term relationship with our customers. Lidia assumes that even the toughest task should be treated as a lesson for the future, a challenge to accept and what’s most important, the trigger for further development.



Research and development

Patryk graduated from the Zielona Gora Technical University. He joined the Adboard team right after the formation of the Polish branch of the company. He’s an experienced manager, with many years of practice in leading large teams. His fresh perspective, innovative ideas and technical knowledge let him manage his teams effectively and in result complete the most complicated tasks. The combination of technical expertise and skills make him an excellent person for this job.



Purchasing and Logistics Specialist

Magdalena has been in the company since 2014. She is a very conscientious person, with a considerable experience in the sourcing department. Her patience, right attitude and composure let her solve even the toughest problems. Magdalena has also a charismatic personality, which results in the smooth and effective cooperation with the coworkers and suppliers. Her main goal is to coordinate the supply chain in a timely manner, which contributes to the company’s growth.